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#01.Full recovery for Aaron's leg !
#02.Fahrenheit <留下來> MV smiley ring.
#03.Fahrenheit arrival on 290309.
#04.Win Fahrenheit private party tickets.
#05.Fahrenheit Concert DVD.
#06.save up money for Taiwan.
#07.飛輪海 In Japan 2nd 寫真集.
#08.飛輪海 原點 寫真集.
#09.Fahrenheit arrival on 151209.
#10.Fahrenheit music showcase.

Sweet memoriesY

16 Nov 2008 ; 飛輪海 想入飛飛 簽票會 @ Jurong IMM :D.(Without Jiro)Y

17 Dec 2008 ; 接機, 飛輪海 :DY

19 Dec 2008 ; 飛輪海 想入飛飛 Singapore concert @ Indoor stadium :D.Y

20 Feb 2009 ; Jiro, Rainie & George 愛就宅一起簽名會 @ Causeway point :D.Y

29 Mar 2009 ; 飛輪海 越來越愛簽唱會 @ Jurong IMM, 3pm :D.Y

29 Mar 2009 ; 飛輪海 private event @ St. James Powerhouse :D.Y

30 Mar 2009 ; 飛輪海 @ 校園superstar :D.Y

15 Dec 2009 ; 接機, 飛輪海 :D.Y

16 Dec 2009 ; 飛輪海音樂會 @ St.James Powerhouse :D.Y

17 Dec 2009 ; 送機, 飛輪海 :D.Y

18 March 2010 - 21 March 2010 ; 飛輪海《想入飛飛》演唱會DVD 簽名會 & Canon Launch :D.Y


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Monday, December 6, 2010

3rd December 2010
went to queue at Novena Square 2 in the morning to exchange for the autograph cards with friends & went home after that.

4th December 2010
Reached airport around 10am & wait for Jolyn & others to arrive. Airport was so crowded that day! With so many people welcoming their relatives. ==
After Fahrenheit arrived except for Wu Zun as he was in Shanghai filming so he came late, they left through the CIP terminal so we rushed down to the hotel & wait for them in our van.
They left the hotel for YES933 interview around 5pm.
Went to wait for them at the hotel main entrance, they came & I took video. Seems like Yalun is not in a good mood. He wore a grey hoodie.
Yalun wore a mask and some fans thought they he was sick.
Wu Zun just arrived Singapore & went to Mediacorp Radio Gate straight from the airport.
He waved at all those fans!
He said on the radio that, 'who says that I wear a mask means I'm sick? Who says that I wear specs means that I'm short-sighted?
Who says that I'm afraid of the sun when I put on sunglasses?'
After the interview ended, they went back to their hotel.
Yalun was the first one to alight & he was pushed by the security guards when he want to take fans' letters and gifts.
Jiro & Wuzun alighted next.
Calvin was unable to alight so he was arranged to alight at the carpark below.
We decided to give up waiting & so we went home at 9pm.
Jiro sneaked out of the hotel to take pictures of Christmas trees around Orchard.
Gladys came my house & bath, then we both cab down to Novena Square 2 to queue for the autograph session.

5th December 2010
After the autograph session, we went to our van & wait. Bought KFC for lunch & eat in the van.
Van full and in a mess.
Fahrenheit went back to their hotel.
They left for Star Search Finals around 8.30pm.
Saw Yalun in the super hot outfit! I think his mood was quite okay.
Our van was just beside them!
After reaching Mediacorp, we were allowed to enter to see them live.
After they sing two songs, 太熱 & 心疼你的心疼.
We went back to our van to wait again while watching Star Search Finals on the tv.
Fahrenheit went back to their hotel again.
Yalun was playing with his iPhone 4 & he placed his iPhone near the window to let us see.
Around 12am, heard that Yalun & Calvin sneaked out in a private car to Marina Bays Sands lounge.
Jiro & Wu Zun sneaked out too. No idea where they went to.
So we went to Marina Bays Sands to wait for Yalun & Calvin.
The lounge close at 2am but still Yalun & Calvin didn't came out.
So we wait till 2.30am and went to Lau Pau Sat to see if Wu Zun will be there.
But still cannot find him.
Went back to the hotel and stop chasing at 3am.
Uncle dropped us at Sengkang.
Janice, Yanlan & Cindy cabbed home together.
So I cabbed home with Jolyn.
Reached home around 4am, bath & sleep.

6th December 2010,
Woke up around 7 in the morning.
Bath and prepare to go down to their hotel as they are going back to Taipei.
Wu Chun left for Shanghai in the morning 10am flight.
Meet up with people and we decided to join Oriana's van to chase them.
Their luggages was sent to the airport first.
Jiro brought his guitar along again.
Yalun, Calvin & Wu Zun came out around 11.30am.
So I took video again.
Yalun wore a mask and sunglasses.
Ran to our van & chase.
Our van was beside them but the curtains was closed.
Reached the airport,
they entered through CIP terminal.
so we went to the viewing gallery & went to eat Subway with Oriana & other 2 girls.
Happily chatting with them on the way home :)!

Seriously no regrets this time round!
Luckily we didn't went to the airport to wait, also can't see them.
Still so many fans waiting at airport.
HAPPY ! :D :D :D :D

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 9:41 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I shall update my blog about yesterday :D.
Wake up at 6.45am. Bathed. Prepare & went out at 9.30am.
Bused to Changi Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Hall.
Reached around 11.
Met up with Cindy, Yenping, Yanlan, Janice, Jieying, Lokyi & Janice's friend.
Cindy found 2 more people to join our van and chase with us, Gladys & another girl.(I don't know what is her name :X)
Show arrived and walk out of the arrival hall around 11.45am.
Ran to our van and get ready.

1st stop, we followed him to his hotel & we walked behind him all the way to the lobby.
Did alot of retarded things!
Our van was just beside his & we screamed like crazy.
He waved at us and then later...
he hand signal us to sit down properly because we're blocking him viewing the scenery!
We laughed like crazy for this, HAHAHA.
After he reached the hotel, many fans stopped chasing & went to queue at Show's shop, STAGE at SCAPE.
Left with two vans chasing.

2nd stop: STAGE at Orchard SCAPE.
Around 3pm, Show sat on a normal car instead of the van to his shop.
We show a board to him that wrote ‘看這裡’.
He saw that and he laughed at us!
Reached and there are alot of people queuing already.
So we stand by the side and watch since we don't intend to buy anything.
He's going to be the shop assistant for the day.
Cuixin & Jolyn arrived shortly & join us.
Yanlan, Cuixin, Janice & Jieying can't stand the hot & went back to the van.
After some time, Jolyn, Yenping & me left to buy food & went back to our van to eat.
Lokyi & Jieying left for their dance lesson.
Show left his shop around 6.

3rd stop: Marina Bay Sands.
Show went for dinner at Marina Bay Sands.
Run like a mad girl and everybody at the bus stop are looking at those who're running.
We followed Show behind & I was taking a video while walking.
So he entered the lift and we said goodbye to him.
After that, we decided to walk around to see which restaurant he is going to have his dinner.
But we're afraid he will be angry if he saw us.
We dropped that idea & Yenping went home while we went to Old Market to have our dinner.
After our dinner, Show is still at the Marina Bay Sands.
Heard that he was playing at the casino.
Show's driver allowed to sit on Show's van & exactly the seat he sat.
We're the only group! Took photos & went back to our van.
Lokyi & Jieying came and join us back after their dance lesson.
So we went back to the hotel he stayed and queue up to enter his mini birthday celebration.
Cuixin went home after we reached the hotel.
Lokyi & me went to the toilet and we saw that car plate which Fahrenheit took last December, 8778.
And the person who alighted from the car was JJ Lin, 林俊傑.
We both called out his name, 'JJ!' and he said 'hi' and smiled to us.
We went back to our queue while Cindy, Janice, Jieying, Jolyn & Yanlan went to the toilet at Marina Square.
& they prepared something secretly to give Lokyi & me a birthday surprise.
But Lokyi & me didn't suspect anything, we only wondered why they took such a long time.
Finally they are back. Yanlan was holding on to the cakes as she is queuing infront with SFC.
Show reached his hotel at around 11pm.
We are allowed to enter the room after a short while.
As usual, sang birthday song for him.
& he blow the candles.
I think that part damn funny!
They bought those candles that no matter how many times he tried or how hard he blow, the candles will remain lighted.
In the end, SFC remove those candles.
Show cut the birthday cake.
People start to give him presents.
After that, everyone was allowed to ask him questions.
The party ended after that around 12am.
We left the hotel at around 12.15am.

We went to a 7-eleven, don't remember where is it. Too tired at that time.
The birthday surprise starts from here.
Jieying asked me to go with her to get drinks at 7-eleven.
Janice and Lokyi went to somewhere, I forgotten :X.
Yanlan, Jolyn & Cindy prepared the 2 pieces of cake bought from Secret Recipe.
Lokyi & me was so shocked that they bought the cakes for us!
then we know why they went toilet for so long already!
They even took time to learn how to sing the birthday song in Korean while they went toilet and shop around Marina Square.
Sang birthday song for Lokyi first in English, Chinese & Korean!
then they sang birthday song for me in the 3 languages too!
We blew candles & they prepared party sprays and start to spray both of us!
Everybody got sprayed in the end, HAHA.
Cut the cake, ate & continue playing with the sprays.
And time to clean up, Cindy borrowed a broom and sweep the floor.
She danced with that broom too!
And we came up with that idea to tweet that video to her RYEOWOOK!
Took group photo & I cabbed home with Jieying & Jolyn.
Lokyi cabbed home alone & Cindy, Janice & Yanlan cabbed home together.
Reached home around 1.15am.
Bathed, online & went to sleep!

Thanks girls for giving us a birthday surprise!
& we had alot of fun today right!
We also do alot of retarded things together while chasing our idols.
See you all soon alright! :D

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 10:10 PM

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back from Taipei!
Shopping like crazy!
I ate alot of stuffs there but guess what?
I didn't grow fat at all but I lost 3kg haha!
Spent like hundreds of SGD shopping down there!
New Hello Kitty wallet, new clothes, new shoes, new bags & alot of thing new :D.
I'm lazy to write a long blogpost on my trip.
It's better to see the pictures on my facebook album. :D

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 10:55 PM

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm back in Singapore!
Days in Kuala Lumpur is great with my EWC ♥.
The first day there was super fun!
Followed Fahrenheit to the radio station & waited for them there :D!
After that went to have lunch with them at some seafood restaurant.
Yalun walked out and I called his name.
He smiled & waved at me, I got it video-ed on my camera!
Went to some park & they were shooting the new Canon Ad down there.
The park was big but we still we managed to find them!
We wait for them somewhere around their car.
Yalun alighted from Calvin & Wu Zun's car & moved to the car he sat with Jiro.
Yalun alighted from the car again & he went to the toilet.
I called his name again & he smiled and waved at me.
Yalun came back.
It was raining.
After the rain stopped, we were the only 4 to step outside & wait for them near their car again.
Jiro alighted & went to the toilet.
He asked us whether have we eaten in cantonese!
All of us stunned there, LOL.
They done shooting at the park & they moved to somewhere with alot of trees.
All decorated with lights! super nice.
I stood there to watch them shooting with Cindy.
Calvin smiled at me! So friendly can!
Yalun is so cute, he was playing by himself with the trees there.
& he just sang some english songs so loud :D.
They shoot the Canon ad till 12.30am plus.
Went back to the hotel with them.
Bath & went to sleep.
Next day, woke up around 5am.
bathed & went to have breakfast at the hotel lobby's restaurant.
Went to Tropicana City Mall & queued for the DVD autograph session.
We stand in the first row.
The host came around 10am & started asking some Canon camera questions.
I raised up my hand & got choosen to answer this question,
does Canon camera have face detection?
I answered correctly & got a Canon IXUS t-shirt in pink.
Fahrenheit arrived, talked for awhile.
The autograph session started.
Shaked Calvin's hand, followed by Wu Zun, Dadong & the last, Yalun :D.
I talked to Yalun for quite long.
I told him to ‘加油’ & ‘我愛你’.
He replied me ‘你也加油’ & ‘我也愛你’.
Yalun shaked my hands 3 times.
I said ‘拜拜’.
He replied me the same thing too :D!
After that, we shouted ‘亞綸,我們愛你!’.
He heard that, turned & smiled at our direction.
We shouted once more time, ‘亞綸,我們六點見!’.
Yalun showed us a thumb up.
Continued chasing till they reached the event hosted @ SOHOKL.
Yalun took a photo of me with my board!
He smiled at me & showed me a thumb up!
They went to eat & went to the radio station for another interview again.
Wu Zun went back to the hotel to rest as he was sick.
Jiro & Calvin went there first.
Yalun reached the radio station around 8.45pm.
Just 15 minutes before the interview end.
Went back to the hotel with them.
Rushed into the carpark.
Yalun said goodnight to us!
Went back to our room & rest :D.

Mr.Goh get well soon!

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 6:58 PM

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally I got the time to blog. (:
Yesterday E-awards is fun with EWC!
SHINee & 小鬼's performance is the best of all!
Meet Cindy around 1pm & shop at Tampines :D.
After that, went to meet Janice, Lokyi & Jieying at Marina Square.
Have our dinner & we walked to the the floating bay around 6.30pm.
Yanlan was the last to reach.
SHINee & 小鬼 came out, everybody started screaming, haha.
We stood on the chair when SHINee performed.
E-awards ended around 11.30pm.
Went to eat then cab home.
Reached home at 1.30am.

Anyway, happy 16th birthday THALIA!

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 9:08 PM

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm back to update my blog. (:

Skipped breakfast.
Had my lunch with mum at Northpoint before I meet up with Cindy, Janice, Jieying & Lokyi.
I realised I forget to bring the COLOR magazine for Cindy when I reached Northpoint.
I rushed home after my lunch immediately just to take the magazine.
Supposed to meet Cindy around 1 at Yishun MRT, but I'm late. Lol.
Waited for Jieying at Yishun MRT too.
Trained to AMK to meet Janice.
Went to KBOX without Lokyi as she will be late.
Cindy is so so so HIGH, as if she's at a concert.

Really enjoyed myself with them today.
I'm gonna see them next saturday :D

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 10:00 PM

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll be using WRETCH often to blog.
But I'll still be updating this blog. (:
Mostly all posts are password protected.
I'll give you the password if I want to.
Ask me on msn. (:

亞綸, 一路上有你 ❤ (: @
冬天的時候,你可以少帶一只手套,因爲另外一手,可以跟我牽在一起。 6:49 PM